Spreadsheets: Benchmark Testing

There's a few ways to implement "testing" within TrainHeroic. Think of Spreadsheets as a more formalized way to test your athletes and record their results. With Spreadsheets, all of your testing data will be saved in one place and it's easily exportable.

Benchmark Testing:

Benchmark Testing allows you as the coach to enter testing data for your athletes, OR keep athlete's testing data in one place, should you push the logging responsibility to your athletes.

Testing will reset the athlete's working max for any lifts, and that value will not change until the next testing day.

Pro Tip: This is a great way to put in some baseline working maxes for incoming athletes, should you be using any percentage based programming. Spreadsheets are also a great place to keep track of body metrics and non-lifts.

Goal Setting:

In order to improve, your athletes need something to work towards. With goal setting, you can set goals for your athletes to work toward.

Setting up a Spreadsheeting:

1. From CoachHeroic, select Gym Tools from the menu on the left hand side, and 'Launch' Spreadsheets.


2. Select Create New

3. You'll be asked to name the Spreadsheet, specify if it's for Goals or Benchmark Testing, and select the date. Then select GO TO SPREADSHEET.

4. Start left to right and select Add/Remove Athletes on the upper left-hand corner. 

Choose your team and athletes and select Done.

5. Next, select Add Benchmark/Exercise. You can search for a benchmark that's already in our system or select 'New' to add a new benchmark. 

On Testing Day:

 Simply record the score for each benchmark as they are performed

Click on the Paperclip icon to leave notes for a particular athlete and benchmark

Type I, D or A  in a cell to mark the athletes as Injured, Did Not Complete or Absent


Finally, select Save & Close to save your changes.

Want your athletes to log this data?

Select 'Publish to Mobile'

This will create a private workout so the athlete can log their numbers from their phone.


Any numbers that they log will appear on your Spreadsheet.

For Goal Setting:

If the athlete has performed a benchmark in the past, it will show up on the Spreadsheet on the right hand side. This way, you can set an appropriate goal based on where they're currently at with the benchmark.  For each cell, simply click to enter a new goal. 

Any goals or test scores entered into a Spreadsheet will be reflected on the athletes numbers page found under My Athletes. 


Use the New Tab feature at the bottom of the Spreadsheet to retest your athletes on a new date. This will copy all of your athletes and benchmarks over from the previous tab.

Pro Tip: Use tabs to re-test the same group of athletes and same benchmarks from the previous tab on a NEW date. It's okay to have separate Spreadsheets for different metrics, as long as you're retesting the same metrics throughout the Spreadsheet.

As always, if you have any questions on Spreadsheets or anything else, please send us an email to



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