An important piece of deliberate practice is giving your athletes immediate feedback. We've created Standards of Excellence so that you can identify what makes a particular athlete good, great, or excellent.

Standards were designed so that you can give athletes context and some direction as to what it is you are looking for at the different levels. 

Once you've set your standards and tagged your athletes in the appropriate group, you'll be able to track their progress and see a detailed breakdown of each athlete against your standards of excellence using the Athlete Performance Profile.

Here's how to get started with standards:

1. Choose Standards from the left hand navigation of CoachHeroic.


2. Choose whether these are Standards for Male or Female athletes.

3. Name your first Set of Standards. You can create as many different Sets within your Standard spreadsheet.

4. Now set your Tags. These are the positions that will adhere to these specific Standards.

5. Next, create different Levels for your Standards. These could be as simple as Good, Better, Best or specific to your sport, like All Conference, All American, NFL.

6. Finally, add your benchmarks and input the Standard for each level.

Once your standards are setup, you can head to the My Athletes page to assign the appropriate tags to each athlete.

If you have any questions regarding standards, or anything else, please reach out to the Customer Success Team by emailing

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