Personal Training and 1 on 1 Athletes

When you login to your Coach account you'll land on the My Teams page.

To get you comfortable with this page, let's first define what a Team is on TrainHeroic.

A Team is simply a calendar.

By creating a Team, you can place workouts and training programs on that team's calendar.

You'll then invite athletes to the team so they have access to any workout on that team's calendar.

Sure, your teams can have hundreds of athletes on them but a team can also simply be a calendar that one single athlete has access to.

For personal training and when working with athletes 1 on 1, simply create a unique team for each athlete in order to fully customize their training calendar.

If you have any questions on how to setup teams, or anything else, please let our team know.

You can email us at or call us direct at 855-688-5438 ext. 1

We're standing by and happy to help.

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