Athlete Performance Profile Report

The Athlete Performance Profile is designed to give you a specific and comprehensive breakdown of each athlete against your standards of excellence over extended periods of time.

This report is not meant to be give you general benchmark data, but rather to track how your athlete is performing year over year when compared to standards that you have already created. 

If you are looking for basic reports that show your athletes maxes, please click here.

This is a robust comparative report that will require some initial setup.

The step below is required in order to view a Team Performance Profile report:

1. Gather Testing data using our Testing Spreadsheets

The next step is optional, but highly recommended:

2. Tag Your Athletes

If you have standards of excellence and want to see how your athletes stack up against your standards, you will want to create standards before running the report.

 Create Your Standards

Once you've completed the steps above, here's how you can unleash this powerful report:

1. Click on Reports from the navigation on the left-hand side of the page

2. From the list of reports, scroll to the Team Performance Profile and hit the Select button

3. Start out by selecting tags. This will narrow down which categories or groups are shown.

4. Select which benchmarks you would like comprehensive data on. You will need to choose a minimum of three before moving on to the next step.

5. Select your date range and specify if you would like to display standards, goals and/or photos. This report will automatically pull data from spreadsheets. If you'd like to include training data (from logged training sessions), select the toggle for All Time. 

6. Name your report on the upper left. 

7. If you have any data to be displayed, you will be able to click on the "save and run report" button.

8. When the report is generated, you will be able to download the report in a PDF format. This is a large and extensive report, so take a look and see which sections you need before hitting the print button. 

If you have any questions regarding this report, or anything else, please reach out to the Customer Success Team by emailing


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