Standards: Tagging Your Athletes

Tags allow you to categorize your athletes. For example, you can tag them by position, fitness level or grade level. 

You can also associate the tags with standards of excellence. For more information on setting up standards, click here.

Here's how you can tag your athletes:

1. Select My Athletes from the navigation on the left hand side of the page.


2. Next to the athlete's name, select Add Tags


If you want to give a group of athletes the same tags, check box to select all athletes and click on Bulk Edit Athletes

3. Next, click on any tags that apply to that particular athlete or group of athletes

If needed, you can give athletes multiple tags, which will appear on the athlete list.


Once you have your standards setup and your athletes are tagged, you can view a detailed breakdown of each athlete against your standards of excellence using the Athlete Performance Profile.

If you have any questions regarding tagging athletes, or anything else, please reach out to the Customer Success Team by emailing



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