Adding the Checkout Widget to your Personal Marketing Site

We have created an embed for your personal marketing site so athletes can check out directly on your website, instead of being redirected to the marketplace. Here's how to add this to your site:

1. Select "Teams" from the menu on the left, and find the team you'd like to add the checkout widget for.


2. Click on the gear icon to open the team's settings.


3. From the Settings menu on the left, choose "Checkout Widget"


4. Set the text for your button. Then choose your customized colors.

5. Copy the code from the box under #2 and paste as html on your site.

6. Make sure the new code is published and voila!

**We have had some issues with Wordpress sites not being able to support html code. If you run into any issues please contact our Performance Team at so we can dig into this further with you.**

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