Pike13 Quick Start Guide

Welcome to TrainHeroic! We appreciate you choosing to partner with us with your Pike13 account. Check out the articles below for creating your TrainHeroic account, syncing it with Pike13, and syncing your athletes to automatically receive invites to your team.

If you do not currently have a TrainHeroic account start here:

Pike13 HQ Set Up

If you do currently have a TrainHeroic account start here:

Sync Your Account with Pike13

Link Your Account to Facebook or Pike13 (for athletes)

Once your athletes receive the invite to join your team, they'll be prompted to download the TrainHeroic app and create their account. They can create their account with their Pike13 credentials, but said credentials will not automatically get them logged in until AFTER they've gone through the sign-up process.

Download the App

Using the App

If you have any questions during this process, or need anything at all, please reach out to the TrainHeroic Performance Team by emailing or calling 855-688-5438.

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