Release Notes Summer 2017

We've been working hard to bring your tools that cut time spent programming. Seriously, you should now be able to design a training session in less than a minute with the click of your mouse.

Here's What's New:

New program designer

  • The ability to add different types of training blocks
  • Easy to read session summaries 
  • More flexible navigation from day to day
  • Savable schemes with drop downs for draining effect/loads
  • Element drop downs  for easy selection/discovery
  • The ability to tag elements to drive exercise selection and program analysis
    • Exercises, circuits, complexes, metcons all in one place

Calendar Updates

  • Multiple programs on one calendar
  • 1:1 Calendars
  • Higher performance and speed
  • Auto schedule sessions, weeks, and full programs
  • Faster loading of programs with more contextual info
  • Easier to read and see full weeks of programming
  • Track session duration + time in blocks
  • Simplified calendar interactions 
  • Create on calendars, export to program library

Glossary of terms:

  • Exercises - are the pieces that make up training sessions and include benchmarks and movements. 
  • Blocks - can be a singular exercise or a group of exercises. Trying to get your athletes in shape? Schedule a conditioning block. Looking to have them build strength? Schedule a strength/power block.
  • Sessions - Formerly referred to as a workout, this is a series of training Blocks scheduled for one day. At TrainHeroic, we believe in training for a goal, not simply working out. This may feel like a move in lingo, but it’s an expression of our mission to help you be your best. You won’t see the word “Workout” around these parts anymore.
  • Program - is a series of sessions. A program could be several days in length to 52 weeks. Click here for more information on Programs.

Update your library for faster programming:

If you've had your account for a while, you'll want to update your library by categorizing your exercises and saved blocks.  

Here's why: Once your library is updated, you can use the saved pieces to build your workout. Going forward, simply mix up the pre-made exercises and you'll never have to build the same thing twice. By investing a few minutes to create your library, you'll save loads of time when building any training session.

Here's How to start updating your library:

View your current library by selecting the Library button from the left-hand navigation bar. 

Next, select "Exercises" from the top of the page. From here, click on the name of the movement that you'd like to update. 

On the right-hand side of the page, add any tags that apply to that particular movement. For example, you may want to tag the movement as lower-body and as a lift. You can create new tags by typing and selecting the enter key. 


New to CoachHeroic? Save your elements, and rep schemes and tag new exercises as they are created. 




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