Beta: Add Sections of Your Workout as Saved Circuits

You can quickly save a section of your workout to your saved circuits so that you can re-use that section in a future workout.

When saving a section as a favorite, everything about that section is saved: Section Name, Instructions, Sets, Reps, and whether or not the section has a Leaderboard is saved. 

Saving a section as a circuit lets you quickly recall that section. In fact, you can quickly add TrainHeroic's circuits to your workout too.

If you're looking for a classic CrossFit Metcon, simply search for the met con by name and add it to your calendar. Here is how:

First, head to the workout builder  by selecting Add.


Next, select New Session and choose Add Circuit/Text.



Next, search for your saved circuit and select from the list of results.


The circuit details will automatically populate.


If you've created your own circuit, you can save it to your library by titling your circuit and selecting the bookmark icon.


Keep in mind that when you save a section as a circuit, you'll be able to search for that section, by name, and add it to future workouts.

If you have any questions on saving or adding favorites to your workouts, please let us know. You can email us anytime at

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