Exercises vs. Circuits

Each time you click "add block" you'll have the option to add an Exercise or Circuit from our Library, or create one from scratch.

Exercise and Circuits are setup differently, and will therefore yield different results.

Let's quickly review when and how to use an Exercise or a Circuit.



Exercises, like the Back Squat and Bench Press, allow a coach to prescribe every set, rep, and load, and athletes can track that data in their profile.

When you add an exercise to a training session, an athlete will record their specific progress and their progress is recorded in a journal entry.

If you program strength or accessory work for your athletes, adding an Exercise or supersetting Exercises is the best way to get that done.

Here is a quick video that will get you up to speed on how you can create Exercises as you build your training sessions.

You'll also have the option to add Circuits...

Circuits, like a warm-up or cool-down, allow you to simply type instructions and movements that you'd like the athlete to complete and do NOT require athletes to record every set and rep.

A Circuit is simply for "completion," like in the case of a Warmup:

If you'd like, you can still track 1 variable when programming a circuit.

For example, if you programmed a traditional CrossFit Metcon, like Fran, you'd want to record the total time it took to complete Fran.

Here is how you can quickly create Circuits in TrainHeroic to handle Warmups, Skills and Drill, MetCons, and more.

If you have any questions about how and when to use Exercises vs Circuits, just let us know.

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