How do my athletes sign up for my team on TrainHeroic?

Welcome to TrainHeroic Coach! Let's get your athletes signed-up for TrainHeroic. 
Each athlete will be responsible for creating their own account on TrainHeroic. You can use TrainHeroic's invite athletes feature to invite athletes to join the team with an access code that your athletes can use to gain access to your team.
Once an athlete receives an invite, here is how they'll get started in the TrainHeroic app for iOS or Android.
If you sent an email invite by using the invite athlete feature to invite your athletes, your athlete will receive an email with a link directly to the team's signup page as well as an Access Code. Here is how they can create their account on the web.
They're ready to start training!
If you or your athletes have any problems please don't hesitate to reach out to the Performance Team by emailing  
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