Implementing TrainHeroic in your Weightroom

Every Program is unique. Every program has its strengths, its weaknesses, and specific issues that need to be addressed. Some training environments have a strength coach on staff, multiple coaches attending each training session, and enough equipment to support 80 athletes at once. Other environments only have a few squat racks, a handful of barbells, and 1500 ftof space. Don't worry coach, we were built for this type of party. Let's review how to best implement TrainHeroic.

First, introduce TrainHeroic to your athletes, and communicate to them that each athlete needs to Create an Account on Train Heroic.

Next, have a plan for how you will Deliver the Workout to your Team. Pick the method that works best for your program, and contact if you have any questions here Coach. 

Most importantly, set Clear Expectations for the Team.

If you have any questions about implementing TrainHeroic, please let us know so that we can give you a spot. Reach out to our team at any time.

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