How can I review my athletes' numbers?

Quickly review your athletes' numbers from CoachHeroic. We're talking everything, not just the results that show up on the Leaderboards each day. You can also edit your athletes' numbers, just in case their sweaty fingers slipped and hit the "3" instead of the "2" when logging their Back Squat sets for the day.

From your CoachHeroic account, you can select a team of athletes, or a group of athletes on that team and quickly load their workouts.  Login to your account* (You must have an Elite Coach license in order to utilize the Team Training App) and select TEAM APP from the menu on the left. 


This can also be accessed from an iPad or tablet via the Team Training App

The Team App will open up as a new window or tab. Choose the date and the team/workout in the top left corner (note that the team will be listed as long as there is a training session scheduled for the date selected).

Now click on Manage Athletes to add any athletes you need to update numbers for. Choose the athletes' avatars or use Search at the top of the page.

Once you've added the athletes, click Save and Close. Now click on the top athlete's name. This brings up that athlete's workout logging screen. You can update any numbers necessary.

The Performance Team is here and happy to give you a spot anytime that you need one. Email with any questions about reviewing athletes' numbers, or anything else.

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