Printing Sessions for Your Athletes

Each training environment is unique. Whether you're lucky enough to train in one of the country's best weight rooms...Or if you're limited to something more simple, TrainHeroic has got you covered. 

Printouts are best when you have a lot of athletes training at one time, or if technology is not viable. Here's how to print sessions for your athletes.

Note: This print option is available for Team training only.

First, Login to your account.

Select Gym Tools from the left-hand menu.


From your Gym Tools, select Team App, and 'Launch.'


Note: The view is set to the current day by default. Select the date to choose the date and Team of the Session you'd like to print.

Select Manage Athletes at the bottom of the page to add or remove athletes from a training session.

Add each athlete in order to set an athlete as an active participant in the workout. Only active participants' workouts will print. Once athletes are added to a workout, Click Save & Close.

Now you're ready to print! Click your profile picture from the top right corner of the screen. A menu will appear. Select the "Print View" Option.

A "Preparing for Print" message will appear. Click "okay" to remove the message from the screen.

Then, select Print from your browser menu, or use your keyboard shortcuts to pint, (Command+P).

Our team is here and happy to give you a spot anytime that you need one. Email with any questions about printing or anything else.

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