Some of my athletes are not showing up on the Leaderboard!

The Leaderboard gives you a quick snapshot of how hard the team trained in a given training session. More specifically, the Leaderboard shows each athlete's performance in the specific test in a training session.

If an athlete is not showing up on the Leaderboard, here are a couple of things that could be going on...

First, the athlete didn't log their workout, plain and simple. In order to show up on the Leaderboard an athlete needs to log their workout, and more specifically, they need to submit their leaderboard combo results. This is done by inputting your test number in the designated box and clicking the checkmark to mark that movement as complete.

Next, the athlete may have logged their workout, but simply forgot to log their leaderboard combo results. They may have not checked that the trophy turned green. Without a green trophy, an athlete won't show up on the Leaderboard because they haven't officially submitted their test results.

There could be an internet connectivity issue. An athlete can input their numbers accurately and click the checkmark, but without a sound internet connection, numbers won't get logged. Be sure that their internet connection is solid.

You can review your athletes' entire workout by browsing through the Team Training App. This will give you further insight as to why an athlete is not on the Leaderboard too. Did they skip the test? Or, did they not log their workout at all? 

If you'd like the TrainHeroic Performance Team to look into an athlete's results specifically, because they are not showing up on the Leaderboard, please let us know by emailing

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