How can I customize my Team's Training Calendar?

TrainHeroic solves issues for coaches and athletes. In fact, TrainHeroic solves very different issues for specific coaches and athletes.

Most coaches and athletes simply lack a structured training program and expert instruction. In those cases, we've got you covered. TrainHeroic's Marketplace gives you access to some of the country's best strength and conditioning coaches who provide structured training programs that will prepare you to crush your goals and dominate the competition.

For many, your issue may simply be that you lack immediate feedback. TrainHeroic has got you covered here too. Using the TrainHeroic platform, coaches and athletes gain insight into the progress that is taking place on a daily basis and over time.

For those of you who fall into the latter, with a sound structured training program, you will want to customize your team's training program in order to be able to track your athletes' progress and gain insights into their progress and training behaviors.

The CoachHeroic support section will walk through how to fully customize your team's training calendar. In CoachHeroic you will learn to create training programs, create workouts, create exercises, and much more.

If you're customizing your team's training calendar, we highly recommend that you schedule an intro session with our staff. We will setup a 1:1 screen share so we can walk through best practices to save you time and ensure you're fully leveraging TrainHeroic.

If the Performance Team can give you a spot anywhere along the way, please let us know. Email if we can ever be helpful.

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