I have some athletes that are not showing up on my team!

Athletes, just like Coaches, can belong to one or multiple teams on Train Heroic. As a Coach, you need to make sure that all of your athletes are part of the correct Team(s). By belonging to a team, athletes can access the team's training program. Importantly, when an athlete is part of your team, you can easily manage, communicate, and stay in the know.

You can quickly view a list of every athlete that is on each of your teams by clicking on My Athletes from the toolbar on the left.

Quickly browse

If an athlete is NOT part of your Team and should be, you can invite them. Or, they can use an access code to join the Team.

Once an athlete has an access code, that athlete should login to their account on the app OR go to our Marketplace

If you have questions about finding a particular team, or anything else, please let us know. Email the TrainHeroic Performance Team at

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