How can athletes find my teams?

Coaches and Athletes can belong to one or multiple teams on TrainHeroic. As a Coach, you automatically belong to all of the Teams that you're associated with. This allows you to manage the athletes on those teams, communicate with the team, and stay in the know.

All teams that are not part of the Marketplace require an access code or direct link for access. This information can be found using the steps below.

First, Log in to your account. From the 'Teams' tab on the left, click onto the Settings icon for the team you want to get an access code for. 


This pops up the team's settings. Next, select "Access Codes" from the menu on the left.


The team's Access Code(s) will be listed here. You can use this page to view, add, or remove an access code for the team at anytime. When you share your access code or the direct link with your athletes, they'll be able to use that code to join the team directly.

To apply an access code, visit the Marketplace and enter your Access Code in the box in the top right hand corner. Or you can enter the Access Code in the TrainHeroic app.


Click Sign Up, then Join Team


You're now on the Team! Post a Message to the Team Message Board, or go to My Workouts to view your new Team's training program.

If you have questions about finding your team, or anything else, please contact the Performance Team at

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