5 Best Practices that Your Program Should Implement Today to Win in the Gym

Every training environment is unique. Every team of athletes is different. You will know far better than we do, how to get through to your athletes. Here is what we've seen after studying hundreds of coaches, thousands of athletes, and countless teams on TrainHeroic as the best ways to "Win in the Gym."

1. Be prepared for each training sessionReview each training session so you're ready to go. Equipment, logistics, and timing should all be considered

2. Set clear expectationsExpect athletes to review each training session before they get to the gym. Expect each athlete to track their numbers after each training session. Expect your coaching staff to review each training session and to feel comfortable coaching at least 1 station. Remind all athletes after each training session to track their numbers

3. Hold athletes accountableReview the Leaderboards on a Daily basis with the Team. Refer to yesterday's leaderboard and hold the team accountable for every athlete to be on the Leaderboard who should be


Kindly ask the entire team to do Burpees for every athlete that is NOT on the Leaderboard that should be. 50 Burpees (in under 5 minutes) is an excellent warm-up, and also seems to be the magic pill for curing just about anything on the Team. To hold everyone accountable for anyone's actions sends the right message to the team that everyone is responsible to do their part and the team is accountable for the actions of all of the members of the team. 


4. Communicate with your team using the Team message boards. Let the Team know that they are doing the right thing and that their efforts will pay-off during the season. Kick 'em in to gear when they need it. Or, use the Team Message boards to communicate logistics, like a friendly reminder to bring their tennis shoes to practice because of the rain.

5. Invest in technology. Equip your weight room with a large digital clock and the right technology. Install a large clock where everyone can see at all times. Keep the clock running the entire time, which will allow athletes to time their efforts, sync rest times, and maintain the right tempo while in the weight room. Installing a monitor and keeping a running Leaderboard encourages competition and brings TrainHeroic to life for the team. Having computers and/or tablets for your athletes allows them to easily track their training in real-time. 

setup2.jpg5. Give us feedback. Let us know what our Team can do better to make sure that your Team gets the most out of TrainHeroic. Struggling with implementing your training? Have a recommendation, our Team wants to know how we can better serve you so that we give you every opportunity to "Win in the Gym."

For questions or to talk with our team, please send an email to anytime.

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