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Your athletes are ultimately responsible for creating their own account on TrainHeroic.

Invite your athletes to join a team in just a few steps. You can invite them with an email, a direct link to the team, or simply share the team's access code. Once you invite your athletes to join a Team, they can create their account and join your team instantly! 

Here's how to invite your athletes:

First, Login

Then click "Athletes" from the left-hand side of the page. This is where you will manage all things related to your athletes' accounts.


Next, Click on Invite Athletes. From here, you can enter your athletes' email addresses to invite them to join your team. You can include a custom message here, too!




  1. Select the Team you want the athletes to join
  2. Enter in email addresses separated by commas or you can upload a list of email addresses from an CSV file
  3. Feel free to write a short message to your athletes about what exactly the link does
  4. Click Send




Athletes will receive the email above and should click on the access code link provided to setup an account on the web. This link takes them directly to your team in the TrainHeroic Marketplace. Athletes will be prompted to either sign-up with Facebook, Pike13, or with an email and password.


Once they have filled out the form have them click Start Training. This will bring them to today's training. They're ready to start training!

If you'd like you athletes to use the mobile app, instruct them to download the mobile app and enter the Access Code instead of following the link.

One note to make is that although we provide a quick and easy way for you to invite your athletes, you don't NEED to use our system. Notice the unique link that is generated once you select a particular team or program.


If you or your athletes have any problems please don't hesitate to reach out to our team by emailing  

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