Assigning a Program to Your Team

Coach, once you've Created Teams on TrainHeroic, you will most likely want to make some changes from time to time. If the Team's program assignment changes and you need to make that update, as the owner of a Team, you have the ability to quickly assign a new program to your Team. All of your athletes will now have the new program, or any changes made to the program, in their My Workouts tab, and in real-time.

To Assign a Program to your Team, first Log in to the school's admin account (contact your program's admin for the login credentials if necessary, or contact the TrainHeroic Performance Team at and we will give you a spot)

Click on My Library from the menu on the left and select Programs.

Find the program you want to add and click Assign to Team.

Select the Team you want to add the program to, or Add to a New Team.

Select the Start Date by clicking on the calendar icon. Then click GO!


You can also assign a program directly from the team or 1:1 calendar: 

On the right hand side of the page, select the calendar icon and choose programs. 



From there click on the program to choose your start date, save and you're good to go. 


If you have any questions please contact our Performance Team and we would be more than happy to help. Send us an email at

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