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Being part of a team is tough, we get it. The grind of long practices, sweat, blood, and sacrifice isn't for the faint of heart. If you begin an off-season with 100 athletes, you most likely will finish with many less. If an athlete is no longer part of the team, for any reason, you should remove the athlete from the Team's roster. 

From the program's Admin account, a Coach can manage their athletes, or a group of athletes on that team.  Login to your account* (You must be logged in to the school's Admin account) and select My Athletes from the side toolbar.


Athletes are filtered by team. Select the name of the team or program that an athlete belongs to.

Next, click on the athlete's name from the list.

A box will pop up on the right. From there, select Account. Select the trash can icon next to the team you wish to remove them from. 

To move on to the next athlete, simply click on their name from the list. 

Keep in mind that you're not deleting that athlete's account, but simply removing them from your team(s). Their data is still saved and they're able to login and find another team or program to train with in the future.

If you are removing an athlete because an athlete graduates, we recommend that you create a team for your alumni, and urge these athletes to join the team so that they can continue to train together after they graduate. There is nothing like the camaraderie between teammates, and we think it's pretty sweet to be able to train with former teammates, even after graduation. 

If you have any questions about removing members of your team after reviewing this article and video, please contact the Performance Team by emailing

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