Creating Teams

Create Teams on CoachHeroic to organize, analyze, and group your athletes. Create sport-specific teams, varsity, J.V, and freshman teams. Create a team for the entire athletic program, each P.E. class, the student body, and much more. Some programs create alumni teams for athletes that graduate but still want to train together even when they are no longer in school together. Create a team for the faculty and staff, and let's be honest coach, they probably need it more than your athletes do. Athletes (and coaches) can actually belong to many teams at once too. By belonging to a team, you can communicate a training program to your athletes and analyze a team's training behaviors and progress. The possibilities are endless.

First, Login to the Program's Admin account.

Select My Teams from the menu on the left.

Select Create New on the top right corner of the page.

Add the team’s name and access code, then click Create Team.


This will automatically take you to the team's calendar. The team’s calendar is where you can add programs or training sessions so that each athlete on the team can access this at any time.



Select the Settings Tab towards the top of the page. Then, add the team’s details. Here you can include the Team Name, Team Description and upload a Logo and Cover Image, if desired. Keep in mind you can always edit this information.



With teams, you can analyze your team’s participation and progress.



You can also take a closer look at each athlete on the team by selecting athletes.



If you have any questions about creating teams, or anything else, please contact our Performance Team. Send us an email at anytime.


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