Bringing TrainHeroic to Life with Technology in the Weightroom

Coach, investing in some technology for the weight room can go a long way. Small technology investments in your weight room can go a long way to better engage your athletes. 

Now, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to technology. Each environment is unique and your tech package should be considerate of your budget and getting the most bang for your buck.

First of all, make sure that your internet connection at the school is fast and sound. Talk with the school's technical resources to confirm that the weight room's internet is up-to-speed. Ask if an additional router or range extended can be placed in the weight room, or if a LAN line connection can be used so that your internet connection is as fast as possible.  With a fast internet available, athletes will have the option to bring in their own device (phones or tablets) to record their numbers in real-time. The most important piece of technology is a TV. Having the Full Screen Leaderboard displaying the workout and the Leaderboard is a game-changer. If you can get that done for your athletes you're in a position to win Coach!

Next, a large digital clock is an awesome tool to hold the team accountable. There are many options, and Here is one that our team recommends. Start the clock when the training session begins. Use the clock to rotate stations, monitor rest times, and to record time-based Redzone results. 


Many teams have found that This iPad clip works very well for their program. This solution enables the staff to quickly and easily place an iPad on a rack for the athletes to access the Team Workout Interface while in the weightroom. Conveniently, the iPad can be taken out of the holder, or the entire clip can be removed, in just seconds. ipad.jpgIf you have questions about the right technology setup for your program, or any other questions, please reach out to our team at

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