Communicate with your Athletes via the Feed

Team Feed: Message your entire team.

See below for communicating with athletes 1:1.

Communicate with your group or Team with TrainHeroic's Team Feed. Let them know that they should bring their tennis shoes to practice, because it's supposed to rain, congratulate them on a Heroic effort this week, or let your personal training clients know when you're away.

Connect with your athletes so they know you're available and care about their progress.

Team/group Feed:

First, Log in to your account. From the Team page, select the Feed icon for the team you would like to communicate with.


This will bring you to the Feed section of your Team menu.


Type your message to the Team. You can add video links or images. Then click Post Comment.

Everyone on the team will get an email with your message. Athletes can reply to your message through their email or reply directly to the post on the Team's page. A reply by an athlete creates a separate email string between you and that athlete so that private conversations can be held following a message to the entire team.

Athletes can use the team feed, just like coaches can, to communicate to the team, inspire, motivate, or spark some competition between teammates.


You can also access the Feed from your mobile app.

Login using your coach credentials and select the Feed icon from the center of your app menu. Use the dropdown menu at the top to select the team or athlete, then select the plus button to message your athlete.


Athlete 1:1 Feed: Message your athletes privately.

First, Login to your coach account.

Navigate to your Athletes tab in the left hand navigation of CoachHeroic.


Search for an athlete and choose the Feed icon. This 1:1 Feed is private, and will only be visible between you and your athlete.


After programming directly on an athlete's 1:1 calendar, you can also message them from the mobile app.


First, login to the mobile app using your coach credentials. Select the Feed icon in the center of your menu.


Use the drop-down menu at the top of your screen to 'Select Team' or an athlete.


From here, scroll down to your Athletes then select an athlete to send a direct message to. After selecting an athlete's name, you can view previous messages, or hit the '+' button to send a new message.


Type your message, then select 'Post' to post your message to the athlete's 1:1 Feed.


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