Analyzing The Data: Program Health & Analytics

Analyze the health and balance of your training program over time. With team program health, you're able to break down the volume, intensity, focus, modality, and balance of your training program over time. Program health gives you high level overview of your team's training program over time.

First, login to CoachHeroic.

To analyze a specific team's program, click on My Teams from the menu on the left-hand side.

Select the specific team that you'd like to analyze by clicking on the team card.

Then, select the "Team Analytics" Tab, which is located right above the team calendar.

Here is where you can access the analytics of the team on an aggregate level, looking at all of the team's athletes collectively. First, select a specific date range that you'd like to analyze by clicking the calendar icon in the upper right hand corner.


When you select Team Analytics, the initial view is set to the Team's Activity by default. Look here to see a snapshot of your team and their overall activity in TrainHeroic from the selected dates.

Scroll down to view Activity Over Time to analyze the activity chart to see trends and make decisions on how to send a message to your athletes to drive participation.

Check out the Activity Leaderboard to view the top 10 and bottom 10 to shout out winning efforts and encourage those who are struggling.

Navigate to Program Health on the left-hand side of the screen Notice on the left hand side of the scree to analyze the team's training program over time.

Quickly see how the volume within the program is distributed between Olympic, Accessory, Primary, and other lifts.

Analyze the intensity of the program by viewing how many reps are performed at the varying intensity ranges.

View charts that show insights into the balance of your program too.

Keep in mind that each exercise has specific tags that drive the data in Program Health. You can update your exercises anytime or view TrainHeroic's database of exercises to confirm that an exercise is tagged appropriately.

If you have questions about analyzing your team's progress, or anything else, please let our team know. Email anytime if you need a spot.

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