Analyzing the Data: Team Participation & Activity

Analyze exactly how many athletes are viewing and logging each workout with team analytics. Here is how to identify how the team is doing on an aggregate level as well as how to dig into your team's most and least active athletes.

If you are interested in tracking activity on more of an individual basis, click here.

First, login here.

To analyze the activity of your team, click on Teams from the toolbar on the left.

Select the specific team that you'd like to analyze by clicking on the team card.

Then, click on Team Analytics.


Here is where you can access the analytics of the team on an aggregate level, looking at all of the team's athletes collectively. First, select a specific date range that you'd like to analyze by clicking on the date picker in the upper right hand corner.


Then select a start date and end date, or select the last 30,60, or 90 days on the right hand side.

On the left hand side of the screen, you'll notice that the term Activity is highlighted. This means that we're analyzing the team's activity right now. Activity is broken down into two specific terms, which are defined below:

  • Viewing: Athletes that have logged into their account on TrainHeroic and viewed the workout for a specific date within the date range
  • Logging: Athletes that have logged into their account on TrainHeroic, viewed the workout, and logged their numbers for a specific date within the date range

Here is how you should interpret the data below...


The left hand column shows that 2747 athletes belong to this team. Over the date range selected, 1061 of the 2747 athletes have logged in and viewed a workout within this date range. 762 athletes have logged their data for a workout within this date range.

The right hand column shows that there were 14 training sessions over the date range that I selected. It also shows that an average of 434 athletes are viewing their workout each day and that an average of 287 athletes are logging their workout each day.

View a graph of activity over time to analyze fluctuations in participation, slow days, and trends.

Review a Leaderboard of your most top 10 most active athletes and your bottom 10 least active athletes. Hovering over their name will give you their specific activity percentage over the selected date range too. Clicking on an athlete's profile picture from the leaderboard will take you to their analytics page so that you can take a deeper dive into their activity and progress.

If you have questions about analyzing your team's participation, or anything else, please let our team know. Email anytime if you need a spot.

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