Using the Team Training App

As an Elite Coach, you'll have access to the Team Training App, which allows you or your athletes to record their session. Download the team training app at the iTunes store by clicking here. Download for Android here.

Pro Tip: The Team Training App is best for tech-enabled environments with a fast internet connection (WiFi or Ethernet Cable) and access to YouTube. We recommend that there are no more than 10 athletes per device.

For training with teams, we recommend that you have a few computers or tablets positioned in the weight room for athletes to access. Many teams have found that This iPad clip works very well for their program. This solution enables the staff to quickly and easily place an iPad on a rack for the athletes to access the Team Workout Interface while in the weight room. 

From a Tablet

Filter by team in the top left to add that entire team's roster, or create custom groups from your athlete roster by clicking Manage Athletes in the bottom left. 






Don't forget to choose the session needed using the filter on the upper right.



Additionally, you can view or edit athlete history directly from their history log. Click on the clock icon and choose any cell to edit. 




From the program's Admin account, a Coach can select a team of athletes, or a group of athletes on that team and quickly load their workouts.  

1. Login to your coach account. 

2. Select Gym Tools from the menu on the left-hand side of the page, then 'Launch' the Team App.


You can adjust the date of the training session AND select the team that you'd like to load by clicking on the date near the top of the page.

3. Add athletes to the workout by clicking manage athletes in the bottom left hand corner.

4. Click on an athlete's name to add them to the workout. You can search for an athlete from the top toolbar too. Once an athlete is added to the workout, they will appear on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on an athlete that was added to remove them too.

When you're finished, click save and close.


5. Click on any athlete from the left hand side of the screen to load their training session and log their data. Toggle to another athlete by clicking on their name from the left hand side.

The Performance Team is here and happy to give you a spot anytime that you need one. Email with any questions about starting a Team Workout, or anything else.

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