Using the Team Message Boards

Communicate with your entire team at once by using the Team message boards. Let the Team know that they should bring their tennis shoes to practice, because it's supposed to rain... Or, congratulate them on a Heroic effort this week. Connect with your Team once they've left the weight room or practice, while they're away during the summer, or simply because you want them to know that you are aware and care that they're making sacrifices for the Team.

First, Log in to your account. Then, click the TH icon in the top left hand corner to go back to TrainHeroic

Select team by clicking the options menu if you'd like to switch from the current team. Then, select a specific team.

Click on the Feed to view the team's message boards.

Type your message to the Team and click post.

All of the members of the Team will get an email with your message. Athletes can reply to your message through their email or reply directly to the post on the Team's page. A reply by an athlete creates a separate email string between you and that athlete so that private conversations can be held based on a message to the entire Team. Athletes can use the Team message boards, just like Coaches can, to communicate to the team, inspire, motivate, or spark some competition between teammates. If you have any questions or need a spot on messaging your Team, reach out to our Performance Team at We're here and happy to help.

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