Rotating through stations in order to complete each workout

Your program's training sessions should operate like a well-oiled machine. There should be no wasted movement, no wasted time, and no wasted energy. The Train Heroic program is designed to pump 60+ athletes through the weight room in an hour, by training in 4 different stations, and splitting your athletes into 2-4 groups. Here's exactly how to do this...

First, set the expectation that your athletes review the training session every single day before they step foot into the weight room.

prw.jpg Split your athletes into 2-4 groups. Groups should be equal in numbers, using even numbers if possible, and the athletes should be similar in height and strength. Assigning groups will allow the athletes in each group to train together without switching bar height and weights as often as they would with other less similar athletes. Splitting into groups allows the each group to work at a unique station within the day's training. Importantly, each training session is thoughtfully programmed so that 2-4 Lift Groups can rotate at the same time, every 12-15 minutes.

Look for the station numbers in each workout. In fact, each station will utilize unique equipment so that not all of the athletes will need a barbell, or squat rack, or any other piece of equipment at the same time. Not more than 2 stations will require barbells, dumbbells, or any other unique piece of equipment. This will enable your team to utilize the entire weight room. Typically, at least one station is programmed without any necessary equipment, which allows athletes to train in a hallway, field, or area outside of the weight room if necessary. Each training session is designed so that your entire team is training relentlessly for the duration of each training session. 

Keep your eyes on your athletes and on the clock. Blow your whistle, point to the clock, and instruct the athletes to rotate stations every 12-15 minutes. Every athlete should be working simultaneously. It may be necessary to implement water breaks within each training session. Use your best judgment here. Review the Finisher for each training session to determine if the Team can perform this together. It is ideal to begin each training session as a team (start together and perform the dynamic warm-up as a team) and to finish each as a team. Although logistically, this is not always possible, if equipment, time, and space allows, we encourage the entire team to complete the Finisher station together.  There are always exceptions to the rule, and its your job as the coach to call an audible when its necessary.

Don't have the right equipment? Not enough time? Scale exercises, movement, sets, and reps sparingly, but do so when necessary. If a movement is too difficult for an athlete or even for the team, scale the movement with something comparable, and work on that athlete's skill work after the training session. Be prepared for anything and everything coach!

If you have any questions about the tactical implementation of stations in your training sessions, or anything else, please let us know so that we can give you a spot. Email any time.

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