Leaderboard: Encouraging Daily Competition

TrainHeroic encourages competition each and every day. Each training session's Leaderboard section is an athlete's chance to engage in some friendly competition with their teammates. Athletes will be scored based on their results for that section and their scores will be displayed on a Leaderboard.

Each session should have 1 Leaderboard section. A Leaderboard section might ask for a the time that it takes for an athlete to run 1 mile. Or for the heaviest set of Back Squat on a particular day. You can create a leaderboard section for just about anything, coach.

When planning your team's training calendar, Leaderboard sections are denoted by a blue trophy at the bottom of the section.

Screen_Shot_2018-05-24_at_11.51.29_AM.pngFor athletes using the mobile app, Leaderboard section inputs are denoted by a black trophy where your athletes will record their Leaderboard score.


Make sure that your athletes are aware of each training session's Leaderboard section and that they bust their tails to compete for their spot atop the Leaderboard.



Click HERE for instructions on displaying the Leaderboard on a big screen.

If you have any questions about leaderboard sections, or anything else, please reach out to our team at We're here and happy to give you a spot!

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