Reviewing the Leaderboard before each workout

Hold your athletes accountable by reviewing yesterday's Leaderboard before each training session. Celebrate athletes that had a stellar performance. Challenge athletes to beat someone who is above them on the Leaderboard in the last workout. And, importantly, hold the entire team accountable for an athlete that you expect to be on the Leaderboard but is nowhere to be found.

Here is how to display the full screen leaderboard.

Kindly ask the ENTIRE TEAM to do Burpees for every athlete that is NOT on the Leaderboard that should be. 50 Burpees (in under 5 minutes) is an excellent warm-up, and also seems to be the magic pill for curing just about anything on the Team. To hold everyone accountable for anyone's actions sends the right message to the team that everyone is responsible to do their part and the team is accountable for the actions of all of the members of the team. 


If you have questions about reviewing the Leaderboard, or anything else for that matter, email our team at We're here and happy to give you a spot any way that we can.

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