Setting Clear Expectations

#1. Athletes must be logging. Hate to say it, Coach, but this one's on you...

We know that stronger, faster, more agile athletes are less injury prone and win more games. But it just doesn't happen without a deliberate and disciplined approach that starts with the tone and expectations set by the Head Coach.

  • Expect athletes to review each training session before they get to the gym.
  • Expect athletes to "get after it" and not clown around in the weight room. 
  • Expect each athlete to log their sessions.
  • Expect your coaching staff to review each training session and to hold athletes accountable.

Then, as the saying goes, "Inspect what you expect." Athletes must track their numbers or the whole team will be held accountable. Start each and every day's workout with a review of the prior day's Leaderboard.  

Names missing? Coach, what are you gonna do?!

Here's an idea: Kindly ask the ENTIRE TEAM to do Burpees for every athlete that is NOT on the Leaderboard that should be. 50 Burpees (in under 5 minutes) is an excellent warm-up, and also seems to be the magic pill for curing just about anything. twitter.jpg To hold everyone accountable for anyone's actions sends the right message to the team that everyone is responsible to do their part and the team is accountable for the actions of all of the members of the team. 


Coach, if you have questions about what to expect from your athletes, or from our Team at TrainHeroic, please let us know. Reach out to and our team will get in touch with you asap.

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