Creating Your Account on TrainHeroic

Let's create your account on TrainHeroic! 

First, click here to go to

Next, click Sign Up.

Then, click Start Training.

This brings you to the TrainHeroic Marketplace.

If you have an Access Code provided by your coach, you can type in that code and click enter in order to be placed on your team.

Or, you can look through all the teams in the marketplace that are available to you. Once you've chosen your team click whether you want to pay Monthly or Yearly, then click the blue SIGN UP button with your price point.

Fill out your account info: Full Name, Username, Email and Password. Or you can Sign-up with Facebook or Front Desk HQ. **If you already have an account choose the Login option instead of creating a new account. Then click the blue CREATE ACCOUNT button at the bottom.

Next, fill out your credit card info (no spaces!) and then click SUBMIT PAYMENT. You'll have the option to continue browsing the Marketplace for other teams or to go straight to your workout for the day. 

If you have questions about creating an account, or anything else, please our Performance Team know by sending an email to We're here and happy to give you a spot.

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