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Every athlete (and coach) will have a personal profile. Make your profile your own, by adding your personal information, keeping your picture fresh and new, and by adding a unique banner that makes you unique. Build a profile that you're proud of and then work on your performance so that your profile not only looks good, but your performance profile speaks for itself too. You ever hear the phrase, "you look good, you play good." At TrainHeroic, we believe that to be a true statement. Update your profile so it looks good!


Click on the Account tab in the lower right. Info houses your personal information such as username, email, birthday, location, profile picture, and units. The Privacy tab houses push and email notifications. Passwords can only be edited from the web, see instructions above for that.




Let’s quickly setup your Profile. Login to your account. Your screen will open up to your workout of the day. In the upper left corner, click Options, then Settings (the gear shift icon). 

The default tab, Info, is where you can change your Username, Email Address, and other personal info. The Privacy tab is where you can control what emails you receive. Finally, the Password tab is where you can change your password. All of these pages Auto Save so don't worry about clicking any save buttons.


If you have any questions about editing your Profile information, or anything else, please reach out to TrainHeroic's Performance Team. We are here and happy to give you a spot. Just send an email to


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