How Can I Cancel My TrainHeroic Account?

When you sign-up for a TrainHeroic team, you selected a monthly or annual payment option. When you sign-up for a TrainHeroic Program, you automatically receive access for an entire year. By default, your subscription is recurring, each month or each year, based on the option that you selected when you signed up for your account. 

Before the beginning of each billing cycle, you can leave the team and/or program(s) you're subscribed to.

First, Login to your account here. If you're using the app, scroll down for a walk-through.


Use the navigation bar in the top left hand corner to open your Options. Click the My Programming link.

You can choose to cancel your Teams or Programs from the Programming menu.

In Teams, choose the trashcan icon next to the team you wish to cancel.

Then fill out the survey with why you are canceling.

For Programs, choose the 3 vertical dots next to the program you wish you cancel. This give you the trashcan icon to Delete the team.


Click on Account in the lower right-hand corner, then the settings icon in the upper right-hand corner.


Then select Teams & Programs. To remove yourself from a Team or Program, select the trashcan icon to the right of the Team or Program.



Next, select Delete and confirm your cancellation. 


After canceling, you'll retain access to the programming through your billing period. At that point you'll be removed from the team/program and will not be billed moving forward. We call this "Cancel Pending."

I hope this is helpful. And, our team is always here if we can be helpful in any way, so please don't hesitate to reach out. Email our Performance Team at if you have billing questions, or any other questions for our team.

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