How do I Start Training At the Beginning of a Cycle?

We recommend training with your team. That means that you're training in lock-step and that you're all doing the same workout too. If you're just joining a team, jump right in and start training with our new teammates. You can always use your training calendar to go back in time and select workouts from the past (or future for that matter), but that's a pain and you'll never catch up to your teammates. If you absolutely need to start at the beginning of a cycle, or any date other than today, here is how.

By default, you will see today's workout. If you'd like to switch dates, select the date on the right side of the workout. This pops up your calendar. From here you can choose any date (past or present) or toggle between teams.

Notice the name of each workout too. If you're looking for a particular cycle, or week within a cycle, you can verify which workout you're looking at by looking at the workout name. The cycle name is shown first, followed by the week and day within a particular cycle. 

If you have questions about viewing your workout, when a particular phase or cycle starts, or anything else, please let us know. Send an email to if we can give you a spot.

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