Can I Cancel My Account?

You can cancel your account on TrainHeroic at anytime.

Cancelling your account is quick and easy. Click here to learn how to cancel your account.

Subscriptions are set to auto-renew at the beginning of each month. Annual subscriptions auto-renew each year. If you downgrade your account before the next billing cycle, at the beginning of each month or year, you will not be charged. If you downgrade your account after you have been billed for the upcoming billing cycle, you'll retain access until your next billing cycle but you won't incur any further charges.

We're real people, just like you. We understand that things happen and life doesn't always go as planned. If you're unable to utilize your subscription, or you're not realizing the value that you were seeking when you signed up, please let us know. We care about our athletes and we do our best to treat each of our athletes like we would treat our own family.

If you need a spot or have a refund request, please email our support team at

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