I'm having trouble signing up

There are a couple of things to you will need to make sure that you do when making your payment. If you're having trouble, check out the couple tricks and tips below...

First, simply try to refresh your browser and try again. 50% of the time this works every time... Seriously, give it a go and sometimes just like a magic, this does the trick.

Next, if you're trying to sign-up with Facebook or Front Desk HQ, try to first refresh your browser and then signup with email instead of FB or FDHQ. This will often do the trick too.

Another common issue is browser-related. Is it possible to use Google Chrome when signing up on a desktop? Google Chrome on a desktop works like magic and we seem to have almost no issues with this combo. We're having a lot of issues with Internet Explorer and if its possible to use another browser in the short term (hopefully Google Chrome), that should do the trick.

Click here to download Google Chrome.

If you've tried these things and you're still not able to setup your account, just email our team and we will give you a spot. If this requires immediate attention, please give us a call at 855-688-5438.

Here are a couple of things to consider too:

1. Make sure you aren't including any spaces in your credit card number.

2. Do you by chance already have an account with the email address you're using? We don't allow duplicate accounts so this might be the problem. To reset your password to your original account Login to TrainHeroic and then click Forgot Password? You'll be emailed a new password. Or contact our Team at for more assistance.

3. Sometimes banks will deny transactions for various reasons. This shows up on our end as a "Processor Declined" transaction and you may or may not be notified. If you have tried to make a payment several times and were successful in creating an account, but not in buying a subscription. If this is the case contact the Performance Team and we can let you know if we're receiving a Processor Declined error. If this is the case, typically a quick call to the number on the back of your credit card will do the trick. 

If you have any questions or if our team can be helpful in any way, please email

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