How Can I Post a Message to My Team's Feed?

Use the Team Feed to send a message to your team and to the coaching staff. Whether you're asking a question about your training or you're inspiring and motivating your teammates with a YouTube video, use the Team Feed to send a message to the entire Team at once.

To post a message to the Team Feed, select Feed from the menu.

Your default, or Primary, Team Feed will populate. You can toggle between them by clicking Options in the top left hand corner.


If you're using the mobile app, select Feed at the bottom of the page. 



Next, post a message for the Team by clicking the plus sign icon. You can upload pictures or copy and paste video links.

IMG_4006.PNG     IMG_4007.PNG

If you're having trouble posting a message to the Team Feed, or if you have questions on anything else, please let us know by sending an email to We are here and happy to give you a spot!

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