How do I message my coach and teammates?

Use the Feed to send a message to your Team and to the coaching staff. Whether you're asking a question about your training or you're inspiring and motivating your teammates with a YouTube video, use the Team Feed to send a message to the entire Team at once.

Sending a Team message will send an message to each member of the Team. Sending a message directly to your coach through the 1:1 Feed will kick-off a private conversation.

First, login to the mobile app. To post a message to the Team Feed, select Feed from the menu.


Use the drop-down at the top of your screen to select the correct Team.


OR, to message your coach directly, select your coach below "Coaches." Note: You will need to be training with your coach 1:1 in order to message them privately.


Post a message for the Team on the Team's Feed. You can upload pictures or copy and paste video links.


If you're having trouble posting a message to the Feed please let us know by sending an email to

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