Creating Teams and Training Groups

Create Teams to group your athletes. Teams are multipurpose, for both groups of athletes training together, or independently.

Teams may be sport-specific, PE classes, or a general Team to invite all 1:1 clients to train with you.


By grouping athletes on a Team, you'll have a central place to invite your athletes, communicate, deliver programming, and analyze the group's training behaviors and progress. Athletes can belong to multiple teams, too.

To Create a Team, Login to your coach account.

1. Select Create New in the top right from the 'Teams' page.


2. Create an Access Code to invite athletes. You can read more on Access Codes HERE.

3. Give the team some personality and swagger with a Logo and Cover Image.


To upload your images, click on the camera icon. This will allow you to upload an image file from your computer.

Pro Tip: The best sizes for the logo image is 500 x 500 Pixels and 500 x 1500 Pixels for the cover image. 


Then, select Save and Close.


If you have any questions about creating teams, or anything else, please contact our team via email at

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