Tracking Your Results

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it." TrainHeroic is a firm believer in this philosophy. Training hard is just as necessary as tracking your results with TrainHeroic. Tracking accurate results will help you progress in your training. Take the time to track your results after each training session. Here is how you can track your results on TrainHeroic.

First, Login to your account. The home screen is your default, or Primary, Team's workout for the day. If you need to change dates/teams you can do so my clicking the date in the right hand corner.

Click a checkmark in order to track your results. Be sure to update your reps, weight, time, and anything else to reflect what you actually did.

Review the instructions and input your results before clicking the checkmark.

Don't click a checkmark if you haven't completed an exercise. You can always come back to an exercise later, or even on another day if you run out of time or can't complete an exercise for any reason.

Jot down any notes that you'd like to take in the Notes section at the bottom of the workout card.

Quickly review your numbers. If you recognize that you made a mistake, uncheck the checkmark to unlock the data, edit your results, and recheck the checkmark.

Now, click Review Workout again to confirm that you are finished tracking your results. Great work!

Feel free to check out the Leaderboard for the day or click Workout to log another training session.

If you have any questions about Tracking Your Results, or anything else, please email our team at and we'd be happy to give you a spot.

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