In-Season VS Off-Season Training

TrainHeroic helps you to manage your athletes year-round. Even when your athletes are not in-season, or under your supervision, you can track their training progress and encourage them to train year-round. TrainHeroic's staff works with your program year-round, both in-season and in the off-season to ensure that your team is poised to make a championship run. 

Each program, whether it is the Explosive Athlete Program or the Heroic Athlete program is coached by one of the coaches on TrainHeroic's Strength & Conditioning staff. Your coach will have a unique approach to the in-season and off-season phases of training.

Typically, athletes will train 4x per week in the off-season.


Your in-season approach will be very different than your off-season approach.

In-season strength and conditioning is something that we take very seriously as TrainHeroic. It's very interesting to see many programs bust their tails to build their athletes all year long, getting stronger, faster, and more explosive all off-season. But, for some odd reason, perhaps because of busy schedules, strength & conditioning is put on the back-burner all season long, and the end-result is a team of athletes that are slow, weak, and injury-prone when it matters most!

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to in-season training. Your season, schedule, and results will dictate how your team trains in-season. Here is an excellent article on in-season training written by a coach on our staff.

ins.jpg Realize that some athletes will actually be in-season almost all year long. Let's take Joey for example. Joey is a Freshman football player... in the fall. But, in the winter Joey wrestles, and he is also a sprinter on the track team. Joey should be training using an in-season program until the summer months, because he is perpetually in-season. It is in Joey's best interest, and will be most effective to his athletic development, if Joey sticks to one program year-round, and doesn't switch programs based on the coach of the team that Joey is in-season with at each point during the year. This is something that happens far too often in high school athletics and often leads to over-trained athletes and/or injuries. In general, athletes should train 2x/week while in-season. Each training program will give specific instructions for in-season athletes. Check out this week's Explosive Athlete Preview below to see what i'm talking about... inseason.jpg

For questions about in-season training, or anything else, please reach out to the TrainHeroic team at

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