Training at the Gym

You aren't like everyone else at the gym, are you? No, you're not. As the masses wander around the weight room, they are seemingly pulled by a magnetic-like force to the same piece of metal equipment day-in and day-out. Most people who walk into the weight room have very little idea of what they are going to do when they arrive, and maybe this used to be you too. but not anymore. For them, getting to the gym is half the battle, and unfortunately, that part of the battle is more physically taxing too. 

Not you. You have a meaningful training program that you're following now. More importantly, you have a team of athletes that are training just as hard as you are. Here is how to get the most out of TrainHeroic when training at the gym:

1. Review your workout before you step foot in the gym.

Understand each movement, know the points of performance, and look to see if there are any exercises that you will need to scale because of difficulty or equipment. You can visit your team calendar to review each movement in detail.

2. Have a plan of attack.

If you have an iPhone, you should open this page on your phone and click here to download the TrainHeroic iPhone app.

Print your workout card, have your phone, tablet, computer, or know that your coach will have the workout available for you when you get to the gym. You need to have a way to reference your workout and record your numbers. Remember, some gyms will have poor internet connectivity, or none at all, so have a backup plan. 


3. Find the clock.

Virtually every training session will require that you have access to a clock. Whether its a clock on the wall, a stopwatch, your phone's clock, or a watch, have a quick way to monitor each second as they tick. Your workout will have prescribed rest times, intervals, and Redzones that require you to move or rest for a precise amount of time. Timing is a giant piece of the puzzle, and fundamental to your training program.

4. TrainHeroic

Follow your training program. This is hard work. Regardless of which team you're on, you will have your work cut out for you each day. Be willing to feel uncomfortable at times, and enjoy the process of developing into a Heroic athlete. Listen to your body and push yourself when you need to. Scale it back when necessary, and be honest with yourself in your training.

5. Track Your Numbers

Just as dynamic stretching is essential to get the body ready for training, tracking your numbers is absolutely necessary post-workout. The easiest way to do this is to simply pull out your phone after you've trained and go through the workout, checking off what you've done and editing results to show accurate numbers. Tracking your workout is essential in order to provide expert instruction, structured training, and meaningful feedback. 

6. Rest & Recover

You don't really get stronger from training... crazy, right? The truth is, you actually get stronger by recovering from training. Learn how to regenerate, refuel, and recover from our experts in the TrainHeroic Blog. The Blog is TrainHeroic's library of content put together by top coaches, nutritionists, and subject matter experts.

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