Recording Numbers in Kilograms

For our international athletes and competitive weightlifters, you can record and/or convert your numbers in Kilos instead of pounds following the instructions below.

From the mobile app, choose the Account tab in the lower right. Then select the Settings icon in the upper right-hand corner.


Once on the Setting Menu, select Account to view and update your account information, including your default units.


You can also change to kilos for individual sections if you don't want to change your entire profile. Click into the table and choose kgs. This will automatically calculate kilos for that table, but won't affect numbers for other sections within that specific workout. 


If you need to go back and edit your past numbers because you thought you were logging pounds or kilos mistakenly, you can always do that. Click here to find out how.

If you have any questions about recording your numbers in kilos, or anything else, please reach out to our team. We are here and happy to give you a spot. Just send us an email to

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