Choosing the Right Program for my Team

Each team on TrainHeroic has a training calendar and your job as a coach is to set that calendar up by creating workout or assigning a training program.

Every athlete on the team will have access to the team's calendar and any workouts on that calendar.

As the coach, it's up to you to make sure that your athletes are training appropriately, and on the appropriate program.

TrainHeroic has worked to design training programs appropriate for every athlete, student, and even staff member at your school.

Learn more about each program here.

It is vital that you choose the right program for your team.

There are a 2 training programs that TrainHeroic provides. The programs within TrainHeroic will address the needs of your athletes and any non-athlete that simply needs a program that addresses general fitness.

Below is a brief description of both of these programs, an introduction to each program's Coach, and a brief description of what athletes training on a particular program can expect.

If you have any programming questions, please let our team know.



The Explosive Athlete program is designed to create an athlete that dominates the competition.

As an Explosive Athlete, expect to be relentless and conditioned to go "all out" while recovering quickly enough to do it again, and again, and again.

Explosive Athletes are strong, fast, powerful, well-conditioned, and armored from injury.

Which sport specifically would object to an athlete that we described above?

Explosive athletes include athletes in all sports and TrainHeroic's approach is not sport-specific, but instead focuses on developing athletes that will excel in every sport. The sport-specificity will come with actual practice and competition in your sport and each program within TrainHeroic can be adjusted using your coach account. We'll simply focus on developing athletes that are strong, fast, explosive, and bulletproof from injury.

There is both an in-season and off-season Explosive Athlete program.

The Explosive Athlete program is managed by the University of San Diego's Matt Couch. Here is a message from Coach Couch.

"As an Explosive athlete, you should have one goal in mind: to maximize your athletic potential so you can dominate your opponent. To get unbelievable results, consistently unbelievable effort is required. Lifting heavy weights, all out sprints and jumps, and grinding through conditioning workouts are all part of the process we use to forge championship Explosive Athletes.

Give us your best every day and I guarantee you'll earn the lean, muscular, powerful physique of an Explosive Athlete. You'll develop the confidence that can only come from brutally hard work. And you will build the mental toughness to overcome any challenge. These rewards will serve you well in competition and for your entire life.

I am committed to developing our athletes, demanding that they work their tails off, and building champions!"

Learn more about the Explosive Athlete Program and each 8-week cycle by clicking here.



The Heroic Athlete program is an all around fanny-kickin', muscle slappin', heart-throbbin' fitness program designed to make you into a walking swiss-army knife of domination. 

Heroic Athletes include athletes that play endurance sports and need a strength and conditioning program to keep them strong and more importantly, healthy. Additionally, physical education classes, tennis players, golf players, cheerleaders, dancers, members of the faculty and staff, beginners, or athletes that are just looking to be fit, healthy, and happy should train using the Heroic Athlete program.

The Heroic Athlete program is designed and managed by TrainHeroic's CEO and CrossFit Level 1 certified coach, Ben Crookston. Here is a message from Coach Crookston:

"Check it out, here’s my promise to you: If you complete 4 workouts each week in this program, eat well, and get your rest, you will have life transforming results.

For real. And this time I won't stutter: Life changing, mind altering, solar system exploding RESULTS. Nutz right?!

We're going to challenge each other, hold each other accountable and work really freaking hard. Oh, and we'll have a lot of fun along the way.

Athletes training with the Heroic Athlete program are a team, we're a family, and we support each other. This is going to be an incredible experience. Stick with your teammates, stick with the program, and let's be Heroic."

Learn more about the Heroic Athlete Program and each 5-week cycle by clicking here.


Also, don't forget to check out all the great programming we have available on the TrainHeroic Marketplace.

If you need help finding the right program, or if we can give you a spot in any way, contact the Customer Success Team at




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