Using Leaderboard + Testing Sections Effectively

In order to enable the leaderboard each day, you'll want to select something as a "leaderboard section." This is not a literal "test" but more accurately one element in the workout that you'd like your athletes to compete on. A leaderboard will be populated to give athletes immediate feedback based ONLY on the tested element and nothing else.

First, Login to your coach account. The program's admin can add coach accounts to give other coaches access to CoachHeroic. Click here to learn how.

Next, select a specific team to create and edit a training session on your team's calendar.

You'll quickly notice which training sessions have leaderboard sections and what those combos are because we denote leaderboard sections with a blue trophy versus non-tests, which have no trophy.

Click the edit pencil to edit a workout and assign a leaderboard combo.

Click the leaderboard section button to turn on the leaderboard.

The leaderboard will automatically be turned on. Next, give some very specific instructions on what to record in order to show up on the leaderboard.

Then, select how you'd like to test the element.

Second, you can mark any sections as Testing, which will override athletes' current working maxes regardless if they PR or not. This is extremely useful if you want to start fresh for a semester. 


With Testing turned on, any movement in that section will override their current working max. If you program 1 rep that will be their new max, if you program more than 1 rep it will estimate out their working max.

Once you're finished, click Save and Close.

Quickly review your workout. If you need to make changes, just click that edit pencil and go right ahead.

Be sure to click Publish in order make the workout live on your athletes' calendars. This is very important and until the workout is published, only you can see it.

You can make more than 1 section of a training session a leaderboard or testing section if you'd like. We recommend 1-2 sections each training session to give your athletes their best experience and to enable immediate feedback via the leaderboards.

If you have any questions on how to effectively create leaderboard or testing sections, or anything else, please just say the word by emailing our Performance Team at

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