CoachHeroic Overview

As a Coach, CoachHeroic is where you'll create value for your athletes and where you'll realize most of the benefits of TrainHeroic. With CoachHeroic, you'll...

  • Create and manage teams
  • Create and deliver content to your athletes
  • Analyze the activity and progress of your teams and athletes

Click Here to view a video overview or read about CoachHeroic below.

Before we get started I want to encourage you to download Google Chrome and use Google Chrome when you're using CoachHeroic. You'll have your best experience this way coach. We have a tough time in a few browsers, specifically Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox and we encourage coaches not to use these if at all possible.

Next, Login to your coach account. The program's admin can add coach accounts to give other coaches access to CoachHeroic. Click here to learn how. However, assistant coaches can only be added if you have a Pro license. Learn more about Pro here.

Next, let's talk teams. Your teams page allows to you to manage your weightroom. 



Create a new team or click on an existing team to view the team's calendar.


Go to a date where you would like to build a workouts and click on Add Session.


You will then be brought to the designer page. From here, select New Session


To change the title of the session, click on the name of the session at the top of the page. 


To add a movement, select the Add Exercise button and search for the exercise by name. Then select the exercise you'd like to use. 




On the right, click to add a saved rep scheme, or select the number of sets to create a new table and fill out the table. 


Screen_Shot_2017-07-17_at_4.34.45_PM.png       Screen_Shot_2017-07-17_at_4.37.07_PM.png


To save a rep scheme for later use, click on the bookmark icon above the table. 


To link multiple exercises together in the same block, hover your mouse to the left of the exercise and select the link icon. 



If you've chosen to build a circuit or metcon, select Add Circuit.


To use a saved circuit, search by name and select from the list. 


To make a new circuit, start typing in the text box. 


Click on Add Video to search for videos to add to the circuit. 


Finally, click publish(found above the session) in order to make the workout live on your athletes' calendars.


To see the calendar view, select Back to Calendar on the upper left. For more detailed instructions on how to add and edit programs, please click here.



Manage your team by creating access codes for athletes who will need to join your team. From the team page, select the settings gear near the upper right.


The teams page also allows you to start a team workout and print workouts for your athletes.

Invest in some technology to bring TrainHeroic to life by displaying the full screen leaderboard in your weightroom.

Click on Athletes to view your athletes, team by team. You can invite, remove, and view an athlete's activity from the My Athletes page. Click here to learn more about Managing your athlete accounts from this page. 


Programs allow you to plan ahead by creating programs that can later be added to your team's calendar. You don't need to create programs and can instead create training sessions directly on your team's calendar. But, creating programs will allow you to drag and drop a full program on your calendar quite easily. Keep in mind that this can be repeated in future months and years too.



Navigate to the athlete's side of things by switching to TrainHeroic.


Hit the support button to send us a question if you need a spot.


We strongly encourage all of our coaches to schedule a free intro session with our team to take a deeper dive into programming and to answer any questions that you have. You can do that by clicking here.

If you have questions, comments, feedback, or suggestions on CoachHeroic or anything else, please let our team know. Get in touch with our team anytime at

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