Programs & Calendars: Creating Training Programs in the Library

Your program library will come equipped with some programs to get you started. With CoachHeroic, you can add to your program library by building your own exercises, workouts, and training programs. Here is how...

First, Login to your coach account. 

To begin creating training programs, first select 'Library' from the menu on the left. This will open up to the Programs tab by default.


Click Create New Program from the top right corner to create a new training program, or simply click on an existing program to make changes. 


Keep in mind that you can create two types of training programs, template programs and calendar programs.


Here are the differences:

Template programs start on day 1, and not on any particular date. When template programs are added to your team's calendar, you can chose exactly which day you'd like them to begin. For example, if you built a 4 week template program and chose to start the program on January 1st, the program would end 4 weeks later.

Calendar programs schedule workouts on specific dates. Calendar programs will often be periodized around the start and end of a sport's season. As a coach, of course you have the option to tweak the schedule and move training sessions about the calendar at anytime, but calendar programs should be built in consideration of your program's unique schedule.

Although changes to a calendar program update all teams using them in real-time and templates do not, we recommend creating template programs for a couple of reasons. First, they're more flexible. Next, you can always add a template program to a calendar program, but can't do this the other way around. Keep it simple, create templates!

First, add the details of the program.

Then, let's get busy creating workouts to build the program. Each program starts as a blank template. 

You can make changes at anytime. Your program should be Assigned to a Team's calendar. Keep in mind that all of the athletes on the team will see that team's calendar as it changes in real time too.

If you have questions about program creation, or anything else, please let our team know. Email anytime if you need a spot.

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